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Detalles técnicos

Longitud de corte60 cm
Cilindrada27 cm³
Potencia0,75 kW
Potencia1 PS
Potencia1 bhp

Cortasetos ligero y básico

The STIHL HS 45 entry-level hedge trimmer is ideal for shrubs and the maintenance of chest-height hedges. Its lightweight design and easy handling allow garden owners to carry out maintenance work quickly and efficiently. Thanks to STIHL ElastoStart, the STIHL HS 45 can be started smoothly, as jerking is reduced. In addition, the manualfuel pump reduces the number of strokes required for start-up, thereby accelerating the starting process and making it easy for you to get going on your gardening work. The single-lever operation feature supports comfortable handling of the STIHL HS 45 petrol hedge trimmer, as all the functions of the tool can be accessed from the control lever. The special cutter geometry of the double-sided cutting blades allows for precise cutting, both horizontally and vertically, and even in corners.

To protect your muscles and joints as you work, the STIHL anti-vibration system minimises engine vibrations in the STIHL HS 45 petrol hedge trimmer. For compact storage, you can hang the hedge trimmer on a wall using the carrying ring integrated into the handle. To ensure that you can continue to enjoy your hedge trimmer for a long time to come, take a look at our tips for regular care and maintenance.

The STIHL HS 45 petrol hedge trimmer is available in two bar lengths: 45 cm and 60 cm.

HS 45, 60 cm

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